Love and Gratitude


It never ceases to amaze us how generous friends and strangers can be and how willing they are to join us on this journey to end breast cancer.

Over the last month and especially the past week as we prepared for our second annual Breast Yard Sale Ever, we witnessed so many acts of love, kindness, caring and giving. It was humbling and heartwarming, and we are forever appreciative.

To all those who cleaned out their homes, packed up carloads of items, hauled them over to Jill’s house and donated them to the sale, thank you.  All your weird, awesome, fabulous, useful and useless stuff helped the Hot Tatamales raise close to $900 for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!

Thanks to Melissa, who sold some of those donated items on our behalf in a parking garage days before the sale even started.

Thanks to Jake, who hauled over a bunch of tables so we could properly display hundreds of remaining sale items.

A special thanks to Anna, Kristen, Gulshan, Kimberly, Kris and others  who battled mosquitoes, heat and exhaustion to help us unpack all those damn pint glasses, price all those Christmas ornaments, hang all those clothes and bring some semblance of organization to our yard sale set-up.

Thanks to Jack and Zoë for overseeing the sweaty, sophisticated operation. Anna, thanks for the pizza that fueled the operation.

Thanks to Leila, who baked and packaged the most delicious cookies for the Breast Yard Sale Ever.

Thanks to the shoppers who lined up at 6:30 a.m. and patiently waited for the gate to open. Thanks to those who couldn’t make it to the sale but enthusiastically reached out to us on Facebook and text to make purchases.

To those who drove a hard bargain as well as  those who insisted we keep the change – even when the change was $99.75 – we love you. To those who tossed $20 bills in the tip jar, you’re awesome! To the gentleman who took out his phone, scanned our QR code and made a $200 donation to the team while quietly standing in the driveway with his youngest son, you are our hero.

To Isabel and her son, no one shops a yard sale like you! Thank you for buying more than anyone else. And thanks to Courtenay for donating Isabel’s new wardrobe.

Finally, we want to thank everyone who stuck around after the Breast Yard Sale Ever to help us pack up the remaining items. Sean, thanks for helping us count the money!

You all are amazing and we are so grateful for your big hearts.


Meredith and Jill

Hot Tatamales