Fancy a World Free of Breast Cancer

20140329_125827-1_resizedOn this journey to end breast cancer, sometimes in the most unexpected places, we have met amazing people who have encouraged us, reminded us of the important work still yet to be done and cheered for us to keep going.

Tina Barnett of It’s A Diva is one of those people. In fact, she was one of the first to enthusiastically support the Hot Tatamales’ efforts to raise breast cancer awareness and funds to end this vicious disease.

Shortly after we formed the Hot Tatamales in 2013, two of our team members met Tina during a girls’ getaway in Fredericksburg, Texas. She had a girly, elaborate setup at a popular flea market, and Gulshan Rahman and Meredith Raine were instantly drawn to the fashionable koozies she was selling.

Her “Halter Collection” included koozies made with a fancy flame fabric – perfect for members of the Hot Tatamales who would no doubt want to dress up their water bottles during the 39.3-mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. (And the beer bottles after the walk!)

While admiring all the merchandise, Gulshan and Meredith struck up a conversation, told Tina a little bit about the team and asked about online orders. They expected a business card. What they got was a new friend.

Tina teared up and hugged them both. She was touched by how girlfriends rally when one of their besties is in need. And she wanted to make sure our Jill, who had just recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, had a free koozie to serve as a small reminder that everyone is cheering for her.

Since then, Tina has made sure the members of the Hot Tatamales are outfitted with fancy flame koozies when they take to the streets of Houston April 12-13 for the two-day Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Tina, we raise our koozies to you. Thank you for being such a faithful supporter in the fight against breast cancer.